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Masters Portfolios

A series of portfolios from my Master of Architecture study at MSA, if you would like to see any additional works, please feel free to email me


Studio 03


Detoxicity - A decentralised metaverse. A virtual world designed to counter toxic the beauty industry. My final portfolio for Masters as part of Praxxis atelier.

Studio 02


The technicalities and thought process behind the methods and technology adopted within Detoxicity including web 3.0, NFT's, Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Untitled-4 new21.jpg

Professional Studies 02


Completed as part of CPU Ai atelier.  Redesigning the MMU library in line with the MMU Estates masterplan 2017-2027. The Anti-library counters traditional spaces by focusing on the student experience through creating more dynamic study spaces.

Professional Studies 02

Student housing

Completed as part of CPU Ai atelier. Student housing scheme for over 600 students at MMU Cambridge halls site. A key focus on DFMA and modular construction methods.

Perspective 1.png
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