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What next!?!

Often having reached the end of something, we get this overwhelming sense of wonder and also in some cases an uneasy-ness as to what comes next, this week I find myself feeling particularly overwhelmed, yet also at the same time excited over what is next to come.

Finishing my masters in Architecture has been an incredibly eye opening experience as to just how fast paced life can get. With everything going on, it becomes easy to forget to focus on the here and now. if I'm being completely honest all thoughts of the present go out of the window during times of stress. I guess this is what adds to the sense of fear of some type of impending doom known as the 'job market'

its an interesting paradox when you think about it, the way that the entire world built around your studies and all you have known for such a long time seems to become increasingly less important, I personally have been questioning weather or not I have spent enough time doing more. more than just studying, more than just learning, however often times, it is difficult enough having all of the pressures that come with university without beating ourselves up about what could have been.

Studying is such an interesting bubble that in ways seems to in a way detach us from the external forces at play in the 'real world'. stepping out of this has in a way been interesting.

I aim to be open minded in searching for my next adventure, hopefully I will continue and progress in the field of Architecture, that being said, I am open to go wherever life takes me.

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