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It has been a whirlwind looking back at my time at MSA, it is a wild to see just how long I have been a student at the institution and just how far I have come, I recall my first ever lecture, unfortunately I was a few minutes late as I didn't know where the lecture hall was and so on the first day I walked in to a room with around 300 pairs of eyes staring at me as I made my way up the narrow stairs that led all the way to the back of the lecture theatre, I had forgotten my glasses and could not see a thing from back there and so I list listened as the blurred blobs that were my lecturers informed us of the year, our plans and everything we have to look forward to.

I remember feeling so out of place, wondering if I would ever find my feet in this world where people spoke in metaphors 24/7 and described buildings as some out of this world phenomenon, it really felt like a foreign land. Different ways of talking, different clothes, different academic styles than what I had ever previously known, A different culture entirely!

Looking back at it now, I and my peers really have come a long way, it has been an incredibly crazy journey looking back, but I am glad to have gone through each stage and I am ever grateful for all of the lessons learned and time spent with everyone that I have connected with.

These 5 years have shaped many of my views of the world and also view of myself, I have evolved in many ways and hope to carry many of the lessons learned at MSA for life.

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